Saturday, October 17, 2009

She's All That....

Just writing this to remind myself in the future why i liked her so much and what makes her so different and special in my eyes compared to other girls out there.

She's a very simple yet gorgeous girl. With just a smile, she can make my miserable day filled with colors. She can also bring a storm out of sunny day. She don't need any fancy make ups to make her look beautiful. Just a thin layer of compact powder and a touch of lip gloss for her sexy lips can make me sleepless at night.Her beautiful, long and black hair looks fine. No need any blonde or "karat" color. No need ironing nor straightener. So silky smooth. Just a simple white head band that i like so much to keep the hair neat. But dunno why, she still looks pretty even when the hair's messy. Sometimes i purposely let it be that way. And of course no to forget the smell of her hair. Not sure what scent it is but she said it's honey.

Very good in picking clothes. But no matter what, she looks great in almost anything. Sexy, decent, corporate, tudung. Everything. Basically she's very good in keeping her appearance great head to toe.

Now let's not talk about physical anymore. What i like about her the most is besides the great physical, she came with a complete package, beautiful inner part. She has a heart of a princess. A very soft spoken kind of person. Never heard her raised her voice before. Not even when she's mad. Always talks intelligently. Her words are all full of wisdoms. She's so smart. So independent. Cheerful, naughty, cheeky.

But i know she's not that perfect. Deep within she's so fragile. Easily touched. Heart of butter. I think she needs somebody to take good care of her especially her feelings. Needs a man to be with her ups and downs. That's why i'm here right now. Cheer her up when she's sad. Support her when she's feeling down. Be with her when she feel lonely. Keep her secured when she's afraid. She might say she's OK but i know she's not. What kind of human could hurt her.It's like breaking an angel's wings.

No matter what, i'll be there for her. To keep her safe until the wounds healed. Until she's ready to fly again. But still i don't know is it with or without me. I'll just wait and see.....

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